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your progress?

You’ve done the courses, you’ve read the books, and tried every one of the latest strategies — but you’re still not getting where you want to be.

And no matter how much experience or skills you gain, you still end up second guessing yourself, your decisions, and your ability to succeed.




There’s a lot of noise out there… Experts. Gurus. Wannabes. Even people with the best intentions don’t really know you or your business — and they certainly aren’t invested in the outcome.

That’s why TABLE has garnered so much response from the community.

Joining is about forging a small, intimate group of allies. You know — other people just like you.

The kind of people who know where you’re coming from, understand your business, help you face your challenges, offer support, invest long-term in your success, and hold you accountable.






Tell us about your agency so we can match you with a TABLE that’s full of agency owner’s just like you.



When an opening becomes available, we’ll let you know and get you onboarded into your new group.


Weekly Meetings

Attend weekly virtual meetings with your TABLE to discuss challenges, be held accountable, and offer & receive support.



Communicate regularly in your private Facebook community to offer and solicit ongoing help, accountability & feedback.







Apply Today!

Apply today and we’ll alert you of the next openings!

We'll keep your application on file for the next opening.




Membership dues for TABLE are $150/mo.

The hardest part about having a successful accountability / mastermind group is having someone to organize and steer the ship. 

I will personally be facilitating each group to review applications, assemble groups, schedule & lead meetings, post recaps & replays, handle any disputes, and ensure the group is running smoothly.

With all the admin work taken care of for you, all you have to worry about is participating.

A TABLE is a 6-month commitment, but membership dues are paid monthly. 

This ensures that you’re not “locked-in” to a group that isn’t a good fit. If you decide to leave a group, that’s fine — you will lose access to all the materials and will not be responsible for any further membership fees.

However, I will be working hard to minimize this risk by curating groups and working to solve any disputes  or complications.

Meetings will be held via Zoom call on a set day and time each week.

You can view the full meeting itinerary here.

Other than a few necessary bits to get things kicked off, discussions are focused around the challenges members bring to the group. 

You’ll be paired with similar type agencies, so the topics discussed should always be relevant to your agecny.

Members are expected to make at least 3 out of the 4 meetings each month, and be active weekly within the private Facebook community.

You should expect to spend at least 3-4 hours per week being active in your TABLE

Excessive absences from meetings or group discussions can lead to removal from the group.

Web agencies who are serious about succeeding and want to form close bonds with other agencies in order to help them do the same.

This program only works if people put in as much as they get out — so the ideal people are people who are willing to not only be held accountable for their own goals, but also help push people to reach theirs.

All members must agree to our code of conduct in order to participate in TABLE, which specifically states that the groups are confidential.

Anyone in breech of this code of conduct will be removed from the program immediately. 

The first criteria for a TABLE is the time zone to ensure that members are able to attend meetings regularly.

Next, groups are formed by assembling members with similar “type” agencies, including number of employees and years of experience.

My aim is to have a diverse group of people with familiar agencies.